One of the easiest ways to get involved here at Judson is through Sunday School. This ministry provides something for everyone. With 13 classes, there is a place for you.

Our classes are divided by age group, along with the opportunity for couples to study together. Also, our pastor provides a "Doorway" class for visitors and new members in order to teach the basics of Christian living.

Classes start at 9:45AM. We will be glad to help you find where your class meets.

Nursery 2-3 years
4-5 years
Grades 1-3
Grades 4-6
Youth - Grades 7-12

Doorway Class
Senior Adult Ladies
Senior Adult Men

Judson was founded as a Missionary Baptist Church which means we have a strong emphasis on missions both here in Fayetteville and around the world. Therefore, we have several groups dedicated to working in the mission field.

The Baptist Men's group meet monthy and provide special mission projects in the community.

The WMU (Women's Missionary Union) also meet monthy in small groups called "circles."

Finally, there are several groups for children and youth that focus on mission projects and education.

Baptist Men - all men of the church

Challengers - young teenage men
Wed. @ 7PM

Royal Ambassadors (RAs) - boys grades 1-6
Wed. @ 7PM

WMU - all women of the church

Acteens - young teenage women
Wed. @ 7PM

Girls in Action (GAs) -
girls grades 1-6
Wed. @ 7PM

Worship is at the heart of the Christian faith and what we do here at Judson. It is the gospel in motion. Each week, we gather together to worship God and celebrate our Christian faith. Through our music ministry, we provide everyone in all age groups the opportunity to lead the church in worship.

If a month has five Sundays, we take the 5th Sunday night for a time of celebration by having a special praise and worship service. In this service, members of our church have the opportunity to lead in worship in their own way.

There are four different ministry groups, one for any age! If you love ministering through music, we have the place for you.

Sings Sunday Morning during the worship service
Practices Wed. @ 8PM

Leads Sunday Morning once a month
Practices Sun. @ 7PM

All youth grades 7-12 are welcome to sing, sign, and perform in a variety of exprestions of worship.
Practices Sun @ 5PM

Ages 3 - Grade 6
Practices Sun @ 5PM

PULSE Youth Ministry exists to help students develop a strong spiritual pulse. Just as the body would become weak and die from a weak pulse, so does the spirit without a spiritual pulse.

God created us to live with a clean heart and seek righteousness. This is why 2 Timothy 2:22 is the youth ministry's focal verse.

Everything about the youth ministry seeks 2 Timothy 2:22 as its goal. From fellowship, to treats, to weekly meetings, this ministry is about seeking righteousness with a pure heart so that we might point others to Christ.

The Youth Ministry has its own website. Check us out at:

Check out our "Ministry" page for all the information about what we do and when we meet!

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